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At Positive Care Consultancy, we can offer professional supervision for you and your staff team, from Responsible Individuals, managers, and residential care workers. Supervisions are optimal to deliver high-quality care and support. Supervisions have significant benefits for the wider service and for the people who use the service.

We have extensive experience in delivering supervision, and our sessions are led by experienced leaders within the health and social care sector. The individuals completing these sessions are appropriately qualified and experienced professionals who will conduct these sessions according to regulation 33(4)(b).

Good practice would be to have a 2-hour supervision with each staff team member once a month. As a minimum, supervision should be a 1-to-1.5-hour session with each staff member every six weeks. These would need to be more frequent if your staff are new and still in the probationary period. Positive Care Consultancy can tailor the supervision timescales to meet your organisational policies to ensure compliance is met.

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